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Date 2020-02-11
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    Academic requirements
    1.      Applicants holding a bachelor’s degree or applicants of the graduating class
    2.      Transcript showing a completion of 3 credits of linguistic courses
    3.      Applicants holding a bachelor’s degree (or of the graduating class) from niversities/colleges outside of Taiwan should contact the Institute for entrance requirements.

    Application materials
    1.      Two (2) letters of recommendation
    2.      One (1) official transcript and four (4) photocopies of transcript
    3.      Five (5) copies of study plan
    4.      Five (5) copies of Linguistics-related research paper
    Arrange documents 2-4 in order and bind it in book form. There are 5 copies in total.

    Admission process
    There is no written test. All materials related to the application will be reviewed and 18 applicants chosen for oral interview. Six applicants, at most, will be admitted.
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