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Date 2020-02-11

The Graduate Institute of Linguistics was established in 1993. The Institute is characterized by an emphasis on the parallel development of theoretical and applied linguistics. With respect to theoretical linguistics, we aim to develop original linguistic theories; students are encouraged to examine both Chinese and foreign languages from the perspectives of the latest linguistic theories. As for applied linguistics, we aim to develop interdisciplinary studies; students are encouraged to integrate their linguistics knowledge with knowledge from other disciplines such as education, sociology, psychology, and cognitive science.

The Institute moved to the remodeled Ji-tao Hall in September 2001. With various brand new facilities, the Institute is well equipped. The Institute owns a large computer room and a new conference room. In addition, we have four laboratories:
Theoretical Phonology Lab:Lab director: Professor Yuchau E. Hsiao
Syntax and Lexicon Lab:Lab director: Professor One-Soon Her
Language Acquisition Lab:Lab director: Professor Chiung-chih Huang
Phonetics and Psycholinguistics Lab:Lab director: Professor I-Ping Wan.

The Institute has been very active academically. We have hosted a number of international conferences; many renowned scholars have been our invited speakers. The faculty members are active in conducting research projects and publishing research papers, and the students are active in presenting papers at conferences. With regard to the teaching faculty, we have invited scholars from the College of Foreign languages, the College of Liberal Arts, and the College of Communication to offer courses in the Institute. In addition, we have also had renowned visiting scholars from overseas, and scholars from other universities and institutes such as Academia Sinica, National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, and Fu Jen Catholic University.

To help foster friendly relations between the teachers and the students, the Institute has many social activities. The students are provided with supportive and interactive environment for their graduate studies.

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