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講者:陳品宇博士生/ Dept.of Second Language Studies, Indiana University Bloomington

題目:How do psycholinguists uncover the mysteries of perceiving sounds in a second language?

摘要:Perceiving speech in a second language is anything but easy. Speech sounds entail a lot of signals. Different listeners may pay attention to different features in the speech. Second language (L2) learners may not be able to hear what native speakers can hear due to the influence of their native language (L1). Cues used in L1 to contrast phonological categories may be transferred to L2. There are several tools that psycholinguists use to investigate what people perceive phonologically and what people perceive psychoacoustically. These tools include behavioral methods testing discrimination, categorization, and identification, as well as electrophysiological methods such as Event-Related Potentials (ERP). This talk will briefly introduce some of the methods currently used in L2 phonology and outline a study that applied such tools to examine how non-native speakers process tones in Thai.





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