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Date 2020-02-11

Syntax and Lexicon Lab
340324 Ji-tao Building
Tel: 02-29393091 ext. 62923
Director: Professor One-Soon Her

This lab serves as a site for research and discussion on syntax. Research assistant positions are offered. Areas of research in this lab include:

1. Mandarin syntax and English syntax

2. LFG and syntactic theories

3. Computational applications of syntax

4. Modularity in grammar

5. Relationships between syntactic theories and language teaching/learning

Theoretical Phonology Lab
340325 Ji-tao Building
Tel: 02-29393091 ext. 62919
Director: Professor Yuchau E. Hsiao

This is the first laboratory in Taiwan devoted to phonological theories. The main objectives of this lab include 1) studying the development of phonological theories, 2) examining Chinese languages from the perspectives of the latest theories, and 3) instructing graduate students to do research on phonological theories. The lab offers assistant positions.

Working projects:

OT and Tone Sandhi in Southern Min Connected Speech

OT and Mandarin Third Tone Sandhi

OT, Lexical Erasure and Syllable Contraction

Language Acquisition Lab
340321 Ji-tao Building
Tel: 02-29393091 ext. 62927
Director: Professor Chiung-chih Huang

This lab is devoted to research of language acquisition, including child language acquisition, second language acquisition, and bilingualism. The main objectives of this lab include 1) studying language acquisition from interdisciplinary perspectives, particularly psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic perspectives, 2) establishing a child language corpus, and 3) examining and developing language acquisition models and theories.

Working Projects:

The acquisition of temporal reference in child language

Mandarin-speaking children's management of discourse topics in conversation coherence in children's conversation

Phonetics and Psycholinguistics Lab
340323 Ji-tao Hall
Tel: 02-29393091 ext. 62924
Director: Professor I-Ping Wan

This is a well-equipped experimental laboratory. The research conducted in this lab focuses on: 1) providing evidence for phonological theories with experimental data, 2) establishing a Mandarin speech error corpus, which records and classifies errors produced in natural speech, with the hope to develop a language processing model, 3) designing speech perception and production experiments to examine the cognitive processes in phonological theories and to develop language processing models.

Working projects:

Speech Errors and Chinese Syllable Structure

The Status of Prenuclear Glides in Mandarin Syllables: Evidence from Psycholinguistics and Experimental Acoustics

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